Program Components

Education Support 1.1 Education Program 1.1.1 Educational Assistance Program
1.1.2 Catch-up Program
1.1.3 Alternative Learning System Program
Family Support 2.1 Livelihood Assistance 2.1.1 Membership in CoMSCA (Community Managed Savings & Credit Association)   groups
2.1.2 Membership in cooperatives
2.2 Social Protection Facilitation 2.2.1 Facilitating linkages to available social protection programs
Community Support 3.1 Organizing Children and Parents 3.1.1 Formation of functional children’s and parents’ associations
3.2 Strengthening Community Structures 3.2.1 Strengthening BCPCs/LCPCs towards functionality
Participation 4.1 Participation Program 4.1.1 Children’s Participation
4.1.2 Parents’ Participation
4.1.3 Community Participation

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