Capacity Building Activities for ERDA Staff


Every year, ERDA staff would come together for the annual staff retreat and team building activities.  These have given them a chance to unwind and detach themselves from their work.  Energized after the activities, the staff have continued to implement the programs and services for the children, their families and communities.

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Because of what Fr Pierre Tritz, SJ started for the children in the Philippines in 1974, ERDA Foundation has been receiving assistance from individuals and organizations based in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Spain and USA. In 2016, ERDA has begun getting support from Swedish citizens and companies through the efforts of Mr. Kristian Rankloo.

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Jesuit Statement: Standing up for Life

Message from Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ, President of ERDA Foundation, Inc.

I would like to share with you a statement made by Fr. Antonio Moreno, SJ, on behalf of all Jesuits in the Philippines. As a Jesuit and Catholic institution, we stand behind this as well as recent statements from the Archdiocese of Manila and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines in support of a consistent ethic of life in our society.

I invite you to read and reflect on the statement and take appropriate action.

Fr. Tritz conceived the idea of helping the poor but deserving Filipino children have access to education